Moreton Bay Fig, Sydney Harbour, light painting photography, long exposure, landscapes at dusk,

Finding Ficus

My mission is to capture the majesty of fig trees: their arching limbs; their amazing buttress roots; the way their aerial roots become strong props for their massive branches.


Arts + Crafts

Since 1999, I have specialised in photographing the work of artists and craftspeople. I love the challenge of making their work look even more impressive.


Floral Portraits

My floral portraits were shot in the studio on a medium format film camera, the Fujifilm GX680 with a…

Moreton Bay Fig, Centennial Park Sydney, light painting photography, time exposure, landscapes at dusk,

Landscapes at Dusk

I decided to pursue light painting on a larger scale in 2010.  I was inspired by the work of German…


Leaves in Ice

Holding the blocks still for a macro shoot was a challenge. I devised...